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About Us

Welcome to New York Design Shop!  Here you will find the home of all who enjoy expressing their own creativity.  Whether you are a fashion designer, a fashionista, a super shopper, a crafter or whomever else you may be, we are here to put fashion in your hands.  Using our specially tailored site you can find materials to recreate eye-catching, trendy pieces of clothing and accessories from your favorite designers, magazines, TV Shows, and most importantly, we want to urge you to bring your own style to life!
 NYDS is here to supply you with top fashion trend watching, easy to use How-to Guides and some of the most fashion forward accessories and apparel you will find in the market!  

D.I.Y in the Fashion World
In the present economy, many are forced to get creative where they would normally splurge.  The Do-it-Yourself phenomenon has provided sewers, crafters, builders and homemakers with a way to utilize their creative energy to put together something unique.
Unfortunately, there hasn’t been one go-to place for fashionistas who wish to experiment in D.I.Y.  NYDS is here to provide these fashion lovers with a home.  The design shop is a place to share your designs, get inspired by others designs, find projects that are quick and easy, find projects that aren’t quick and easy, but most importantly, we are here to aid you in making everyday’s look as breathtaking as possible.  Sometimes we need subtlety, and other times we need to make a statement.  We will guide you in both areas, focusing on development and expression of each and every fashionistas unique sense of style.

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